Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bridal Brouhaha

So I mentioned that we were down at the church to ride bikes for Boo's birthday. Oh was I overjoyed to have my camera, because I had to covertly document this that was just so wrong on so many levels. As background, when couples get married they take probably a hundred pictures in different gowns and costumes at different locations. Our LDS temple is a hot spot for wedding pictures among the locals because it is such a beautiful building. Apparently this girl just came from the shotgun saloon for her shoot. I never knew Chinese girls had so much cleavage, and it's a darn good thing she was wearing a "scarf," because it was cold outside!


the andersons said...

i had forgotten about the crazy bridal pics! hilarious! and happy #2 to sadie...maybe we will meet you someday!

ej said...

The saloon called, it wants it's "dancer" back.
The pics are better than I imagined, lol, nice sleuthing to get the shots!
So, so wrong...