Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wascally Wabbit

We are quickly approaching the Chinese New Year, which is MY year, the year of the rabbit (and I am wascally, just ask Shaun.)  Interesting enough though, quite a few of my qualities match up with the Chinese zodiac.  I guess they do know a thing or two over here in chiggity-China.  In years past we have done much exploring and celebrating of this exciting red and gold holiday, but it's funny that with each zodiac animal that rolls around, we do less.  Maybe it's that we're disenchanted with the crowds, or we've developed a "been there, done that" attitude after 8 years, or we have 3 kids and are too lazy to haul them around.  Last year our CNY adventures puttered to a dismal stop with a dumpling lunch, running around the gym at the church, and this:

I am determined to step up my game this year and jump back into the Chinese celebrations. Or at least make Shaun perform the lion dance for my personal enjoyment and our collection of home videos.  In renewing our efforts to "live" in and experience Asia, Shaun and I went to a traditional food market in Taipei last week, one of the oldest in the city.

Oh my, were there treasures to behold, best described by a plethora of S's: shriveled seafood, savory sausages, and sweet succulents.

dried everything, take your pick, from squid to sea cucumber
shark fins, and I apologize to all animal rights activists everywhere on behalf of my Chinese brothers and sisters

snausages. . . . I think?

Hot dogs (on a closer look, the sign reads "squid sausages"), and don't ask me why they're black.  The most important question is: Is that a real hunk of tube-pressed squid-on-a-stick on that man's shoulders?

And. . . peanuts galore

Just in case you're wondering, I got a bag of peanuts and a jar of yogurt-covered raisins.  What?  After all my comments about taking part in Asian living and rekindling that adventurous spirit, you didn't expect me to go loco local and gnaw on dried squid did you?


Jen Reil said...

Great post! I'm totally stealing your title for my blog. Please don't hate me!

Anonymous said...

I loved that video! Especially Sophie's dance was really good. Looks like fun. Miss you guys!
Love Erie berie