Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh Happy Day

The day after Christmas the kids inevitably wanted to know "what next?" so I told them it was Sadie's birthday at the end of January. The older siblings immediately filled Sadie in on what "birthday" meant--cake, presents, candles, and party. Her little radar zoomed right in on this "Happy Day" as she called it, and each day, several times a day, I had to regrettably inform Boo that no, it was not yet her "Happy Day." So what a joyous morning Boo finally had when she awoke to find her door decorated with candy (a birthday tradition) and a new bike!

We took the kids down to the church to ride bikes and moseyed over to California Grill to stuff big fat hamburgers into our faces--yum!

Then got crazy in the balloons at the mall and came home for cake.

Yea for Boo's happy day! We love you our already-naughty little 2 year old!


The Johnsons said...

candy taped to the door looks like a fun tradition! Kurt and I were just saying the other day we need more then just cake and icecream to look forward too! Maybe we will steal your idea :)

Jen Reil said...

Happy Birthday to Sadie! She's so adorable!

GustoBones said...

Happy Birthday to your "baby", I can't believe she is two. It seems like just yesterday that I was reading the post about her being born! She is a cutie!