Monday, November 14, 2011

A Eulogy

Taiwan Hedquists was a good blog, a strong blog, entertaining and informing it's readers on our family's life in Taiwan until one day last February it died unexpectedly. Will it be reincarnated in Chengdu, China? Only time will tell. For now though, we will wish the Taiwan Hedquists a sad, sad farewell.

The last Taiwanese breakfast, a solemn occasion: danbings and xiaolongbao (egg wraps and pork soup dumplings, oh how I love and miss thee!)


mkt said...

I have no idea where Chengdu is, but I'm excited for you guys! More fun adventures with the Hedquists!

ej said...

I believe in life after death. If you breathe life into this blog, it'll be heavenly. :)
Please start blogging again and let me blog stalk your crazy life in China.
Miss you.

Jen Reil said...

Chengdu Hedquists will make a come back!!

Kay said...

I second Erin's remarks. I love reading your blog and hearing your stories!

Jason said...

xiaolongbao for breakfast? Where is this place? I want to try it!

Josh L. said...

We do too. There is nothing wrong with keeping the Taiwan blog. We all know you'll be back some day. Taiwan is the place to be. Love the picture at Yonghe Doujiang. I miss that place. It makes me hungry just thinking about it. Get back to blogging. Your stories are the best Lori.

-Josh & Chiu-yi