Monday, June 2, 2008

Movin' and Shakin'

Last night we awoke to our bed repeatedly bumping up against the wall. . . . no, not that you naughties, an earthquake! Because our building is so tall and narrow, this 6.0 earthquake really shook us. It was noisy too as the ground rumbled and the windows rattled. With the Sichuan China earthquake on our minds, we were instantly in the kids rooms, gathering them up while they slept to take them to a safer area. The earthquake was over quickly and we only experienced one casualty, discovered the next day: Sophie's fish was thrown from it's tank and died a slow torturous death on the carpet that night. It's stiff rigor mortis body received a proper funeral in the toilet while Sophie watched it slowly swish around the tank as it was carried off to a better place.


jill said...

Poor Sophie! Your sweet little fish was shaken out of his fish tank. You will need to play with grandma's kitties when you come to visit. xoxoxox

The Buhlerketeers said...

Thanks Laurie for the good laugh. That made my day. :)