Monday, June 2, 2008

The sweet little terrible 2 yr old

Dooby has been acting like a 2 yr-old for some time and last week we finally made it official! He had a little party with his playgroup friends on Wednesday and received lots of fun little treasures. He had the biggest smile on his face when his candle-lit icecream sandwich was presented to him while everyone sung happy birthday! I discovered right at that moment that the camera was out of batteries, but like a good mom I got video so I'll post that on our yahoo videos. On Friday the 30th, his actual b-day, he awoke to find a treat poster on his door. Yea! Sophie graciously helped herself as well. It was all gone 15 minutes later. . . .

B-day morning was not fun for the doob-man, although he was very patient and supportive at Sophie's little modeling job ("jie jie, smile!"):

When Shaun got home from work we all went out to Dooby's favorite eating establishment--McDonalds! Yea!

Dooby ate a few bites of his burger, played with some little Chinese friends, and threw a fit. We headed home for cake and presents from the family. Thanks Grandmas and Grandpas! He loves everything! Dooby thoroughly enjoyed all of the attention he got (although it made Sophie quite jealous) and now knows what it is to have a birthday! Sophie cannot wait for hers :)

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