Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ringing in the Year of the Dragon

What do you get when you combine 10 million + people, easily accessible and highly "illegal" fireworks, a disturbingly lacking part of the Chinese brain that deals with safety and survival, and the stroke of midnight on the Eve of Chinese New Year?  Armageddon.  That's what.  Shaun went out to the street corner to try and capture the moment, but our dinky little digital camera does not do the earth-shattering noise any real justice.

On a personal note:  Dad, you would have been in your element.  My family knows what I mean.

The fireworks started around 10 pm on CNY Eve, and escalated until midnight when all pandemonium let loose.  I have to admit, the atmosphere was exciting, but I grew weary as the fireworks continued into the wee hours of the morning, and every night afterwards for the entire week of Chinese New Year.  Just think of the fun!  When some drunkard lets one off at 6 am and it shakes your bedroom walls and makes your children cry, you may or may not curse in your sleepy, highly irritated state.  We were lucky enough to share these sleepless nights with our friends, the Dubois family from Taiwan.  They brightened our home and were a welcome reprieve from the cold dreary weather outside.  The kids had a blast together, and Sadie continually wonders when they are coming back for a sleepover!  Here's Sadie with her bff Julienne.

The kids at the Bamboo Garden park

And a definite highlight on New Years Day, the Panda Reserve.  If you look closely you may be able to see the dark circles under our eyes after the hours of explosions the night before.   We fit right in with the pandas! 

It was a memorable Chinese New Year with friends--our first, and perhaps last, visitors in Chengdu.  One year left in China before we're stateside!  I'll toast to that.  Happy Year of the Dragon!

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