Sunday, June 3, 2012


Chengdu is famous for it's spicy food.  It's named a
 culinary delight by reviewers world wide.  I was super excited to indulge in the tasty sensations of Chengdu after hearing so many raving reviews.  But then we moved here and I couldn't figure out why in the world people would say such things. Unless they were like this guy--the chunky bald dude from Discovery Channel who will eat anything, including bugs, and say they're good.

 After being here for the first 2 weeks and not eating any Chinese food, I was very anxious to get my peppercorn game on, so I made Shaun go out one night and bring home take-out.  This is what he brought home, my first Sichuan food experience:

 I was not impressed.  It was oily, spicy, and oily.  As I recall, although I wasn't super anxious for it to get in my belly, it urgently got out of my belly.

 Next we tried a restaurant.   The menu options made me wonder if we had chosen wisely:

It was not a memorable meal.  I think we left most of it and took off for massagees.

These are some of the other options close by.  No, I have not frequented their establishments.  Anyone know what tiptoe of beef is?  Anyone?  I haven't been particularly interested in finding out.

Is rabbit head "deliciousness?"  Are you impressed to know that I have tried it?  We ate woast wabbit, we ate woast wabbit. . . . .  And here are it's fangs nibbling on Dooby's ear lobe.

The kids were not as interested in eating the rabbit as they were playing with it's carcass.  As far as the deliciousness factor, when it's deep fried with chilis, all I can say is it's crispy, spicy, and tastes like chicken.

Luckily for me, I've discovered some real faves here.  Mapo dofu is one, but it can't be oily with an insane amount of peppercorns.  I've found a few restaurants that make it to my liking, and have always been too busy eating it to take a picture.  Sorry.  Another favorite is dan dan mian--spicy noodles.  Again, I like it way more at some eating establishments then others.  This handmade noodle place is our favorite.  The broth is a kind of spicy curry peanut, with green onions, bits of minced beef and chopped peanuts, and yes, handmade noodles.  YUM!

I've perfected the Chinese slurping method.  What else is a girl to do when all you have is slippery plastic chopsticks and super long noodles?

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Jennie said...

Those translations It's just pure comedy. I wouldn't have believed they were real if I hadn't seen the pix!