Saturday, November 19, 2011

Let's start at the very beginning. . .

A very good place to start. Yep, the kids are watching "Sound of Music." So, the week after school let out we left Taiwan, and not just for the summer as usual. The apartment was empty, echo-ey and all sterile and boring, and 16 bags were packed and ready to be hauled through the airports. It was a very sad time for our family, but fortunately with our summer plans all implications of moving and the upheaval of our home life were soon forgotten as we played in the sand, sun and even snow for the very first time! And then, when it was all over and we were supposed to head to our next post in Chengdu, China, we came to a screeching halt at the Residence Inn for one month. ONE MONTH. In a hotel room. With 3 children and most of the time, no car. I'll tell you what, I was cursing the government left and right, but it's best left in past. Let's just say we had lots of time to get real close as a family.

And the rest of the time we basically went nuts.

At the end of our month in the hotel, after going through several headaches trying to reschedule our itinerary with little notice, I frankly welcomed China with open arms. Anything, even Chengdu China, would be better, right?

And then we were finally on our way. We flew out of Dulles 1/2 hour before the earthquake hit and shut down the airport and whole D.C. area. Divine intervention for sure, because we couldn't have handled one more delay!

Yea Beijing! Boo Beijing airport procedures, domestic gates and shuttle bus to the plane!
And finally, after one super fun summer, one looooonnnnggg month in a hotel, and 24 hours of air travel, our life began in Chengdu.

Nice suspense, right? Until next time, and let's hope it's not a year!


Jen Reil said...

I can't believe how big your kids are! How is life in Chengdu? I can't wait to read more about it. Len interviews for Mumbai on Wednesday. Part of me is excited, the other part terrified!! Could I live in a city of 20 million people?? So glad to see you blogging again =).

mkt said...

If anyone can handle headaches like that, it's our Lori... It just means that the good stuff is waiting to come down the pipe, right?

Kay said...

LOri, glad you decided to give it the go!!!! I am totally in suspense awaiting the Chengdu adventures and can't wait to hear. I have to say I am sorry you had to live in the residence inn for 1 month. Been there done that last year myself, However, only with 2 kids--can't imagine 3! You guys are troopers!