Wednesday, September 29, 2010

He's just not that into you-or-First Day of School!

 Poor Dooby, having to endure those last few weeks of summer dealing with this:

  (see his hand and one eyeball peeking out from under the armoire?)

And this:
(OK, the grimaces are a little noticeable.  Sophie honey, he's just not that into you :)

Fortunately for him, this day finally came:

Sophie has relieved him of his princely duties as she scouts out the boys in her 1st grade class.  Dooby's role as a brother has just been immensely simplified to snacks and story time.  Whew!  Thanks for being such a good sport buddy!


Kay said...

OK that video cracked me up. Lizzy does the same thing to James, but he isn't quite the dancer that Lucas is.

Nicole said...

Oh. my. goodnes... that is hilarious! I love how he wipes his mouth like it was the most disgusting thing. hahaha. so cute!

Nathan and Leone Grimley said...

I can't believe she's in first grade! Who is her teacher? I hope she has Mrs. Hobbs, she's the best!