Thursday, August 5, 2010

Down Home Cookin'!

It's funny that returning to Asia is "coming home" for us.  After 8 years now, we are desensitized to most of the weirdness that swirls around us as we bubble ourselves into our little Hedquist home and family life.  I've noticed in my postings that I've inadequately described what it is to live in Asia, and it's time to BRING IT!  Our blog is entitled "taiwan hedquists", after all.

So, sometimes back in the states I hear the comment "You are so lucky, you get to eat Chinese food all the time!"  This is when I smile my little fake smile and politely agree, because why rain on their parade?  However, if you'd like to forever alter your perception of Chinese food, read on my friends.  Forget sweet and sour chicken, eggrolls, or beef and broccoli.  Welcome to your new mysteriously scary reality:

This is our "fast food" down the road.  "Ummm, yea.  I'd like a duck beak to go please, and why don't we throw in some intestine for good measure."

Oooh, this slime-fest just rings out "DATE NIGHT!"  Let's go to the night market babe!!!!!!

I've always wanted to capture the inside of the grocery store, but let's face it, with 3 kids running around I can barely keep their hands out of the meat bin, so I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to for the following Asian Wal-Mart footage:

OK, so I have to admit that for entertainment's value I threw in the crocs.  We haven't come across those bad boys in Taiwan, but I wouldn't put it past Southern China.  Am I right Julie??  Everything else has been spotted in the markets here.  Pig face, anyone?  They're nice and chewy.

Now, just so I don't throw you into total despair, I'll remind you that dumplings are indeed a Chinese staple, and that IS a good thing. 

And a favorite Dooby-snack is "wheels", made by the pie-man down the street.  Similar to pancake batter with a custard filling. (He avoids the red bean filling at all costs, though, and I don't blame him.)

And for those days when I have atrocious Chinese breath, there's only one place to go to cleanse the palate

mmmm, dark chocolate mint.  YUM!
Now THAT'S what I call good!!!


Gustogirl said...

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth!haha Those are some crazy pictures!! You guys are on one amazing adventure! Are you there for good? I imagine they have English Speaking schools for "foreign kids"(do they?) or are you thinking of home schooling. I am not just asking, I am curious.

The Hedquists said...

Yes, they have a huge international school down the road from us (pre-K through 12.) Sophie's new 1st grade teacher is from the states, and Lucas' preschool teacher is from New Zealand.

Liz said...

Lori, the pictures are super. Brings back memories of our visit with you in 2001. Is there any way you can record and transmit the smells!!

Julie said...

Yes, the crocs are from our area of the world! However, you have to get there early if you want to get the croc head--it's the first to go! Yummy--crocodile brains!!
I have to admit, southern china makes Taiwan look tame...