Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Blaring Silence

It's been a L-O-N-G time, I know.  You assume I finally achieved that perfect balance of motherhood, which means I ditched the computer and got real with reality.  Could be.  Or maybe I've been busy firming up my physique and now look like I did 15 years ago.  Ummmmm no.  Am I immersed in school, homework, schedules, and errands?  Possibly.  Or, is it that I've traded one electronic vice for another?  guilty.  I've met The Kindle and I'm addicted.  It's that magic little high I get when I select the "Buy Now" button.  After being overseas and without a library for years and years and years, I now find myself stuffing books into my face just as fast as I can.  What children?  What husband? What blog?  You get the picture.  So, I have come up for air long enough to play catch up on the blog for my mother, who complains that she hasn't seen pictures of the kids in months and only knows what we're doing through her friends on Facebook. Here's 2 months worth, have at it!


the andersons said...

So nice to see what you guys have been up too--looks like lots of fun and good times!

Amanda Buhler said...

Lori! How are you, love your posts, Sophie is so big, yeah for 1st grade!, Lucas we miss you sweet boy. I just finished book 3 of Hunger games, B is on 2, what have you just finished? Glad you came up for air I could be addicted too if I had it. Glad you had a great summer, and no I don't miss the food or the grocery stores with black chicken sitting out. Hope all is well, good luck with the pageant this year. Happy November!