Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ancient 5, The Blue Pie

I love being a fly on the wall when my kids are playing.  Now that Lucas' imagination is developing, he has entered Sophie's realm and together they explore the magical places in their heads.  Sometimes they are hibernating animals in their "caves," with layers of clothing on to protect them from the cold.  Sometimes Sophie is a cheerleader on the sidelines of a most exciting soccer game, where of course Lucas is the star player.  Almost always there is a prince and princess who get married.  And my favorite, a new development, secret agent spies.  Lucas had us baffled the first time he arrived dressed in blue and pronounced himself "Ancient 5, the blue pie."  After several minutes of deciphering, we translated that to be "agent 5, the blue spy."  He was too elusive for a picture, but we did manage to catch his cohort "Agent 9, makin' it happen!"  She looks more like a punked-out superhero, but you have to give her credit for her creativity!


Kay said...

i love it! I can't wait to see what Lizzy comes up with everyday either. Her imagination sure is working to. It reminds me tons of Sophie. Hope you guys had a great Easter!

Jennie said...

I'm loving agent 9's outfit and their mutual vision. So fun to hear what they come up with, isn't it?!