Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January in Taiwan

What did you do in January? Perhaps freeze your little patooties off scraping ice from the car windshield, or maybe go crazy trying to think of ways to entertain the kids who couldn't go out in subzero temps? Throw out your back shoveling the tons of snow in the driveway, or worst of all, have those dreaded flu and cold bugs roar with a vengeance through your household? This is why we love Taiwan:

And just to rub it in, today is another beautiful day-- sunny, a balmy 75. I think I'll get off the computer and go for a walk.


The Thorley Family said...

Your day sounds like ours... My kids were actually trying to convince me to let them put on their swimsuits and fill up the kiddie pool! One of my favorite things about living in Texas!

Jennifer said...

Yes, I'm jealous! Missing you guys and Taiwan!

Liz said...

You've updated your blog design again! Wow, I'm impressed. I can barely keep up just typing the words on mine. Yours looks beautiful, and as always, it's fun to read.

Thanks for adding my link to your friends list. I understand that there is a code of blogger etiquette that says I should read other blogs and add them to my list. I'll have to consider how I can do that.

Lydia said...

Verryyyyyy jealous!!! Wish we can take a walk with you in Taipei...nice and warm!

Amanda Buhler said...

wish we were there, it's snowing again here but the kids love it, but I have cold, yuck. Live up girl. we miss you baby Sadie we miss you and are so proud of you for growing so beautiful.