Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Boo is 1!

My sweet baby is one year old today. I simply can't believe it. We have so enjoyed having a baby in the home and I don't want her to grow up! Currently, Boo's favorite pastimes include

1. popping all nasty, fuzzy and hardened "treasures" from the floor into her mouth
2. pulling off outlet covers so she can stick her fingers in the outlets
3. slobbering all over Dooby's favorite toys, which by mandate from the doob-man himself, are completely off limits
4. smiling at anyone and everyone in an effort to engage them in play
5. sucking on her lovie kittie's ear until it smells slightly off and has turned yellow
6. making a beeline for the computer's power button anytime the office door is left open

Sadie has such a sweet disposition. Everyone who meets her just loves her. Click HERE to see how she's grown over the year. We love you little Boo! Happy Birthday!


Tiffany said...

yay for Miss Sadie! Happy Birthday! Your family picture is so cute! I love the updated photo of you all!

Amanda said...

Happy birthday Sadie, what a cutie, she's a doll Lori, Syd will be 2 in a few months and is talking up a strom and loves to play lightsabers with Braydn. Hope you're enjoying your new car and some sunshine we have mountains of snow in our yard!