Friday, November 27, 2009


Why does my house get trashed on the weekends? I have always been mystified, until I came home last Saturday after returning from the grocery store. This is what I discovered:

#1. Dad attempting to nap while he is in charge. This inevitably paves the path to destruction.

#2. Dad failing in his attempt to nap. What, are you kidding? Do you really think the kids are going to let you snooze on the couch?

#3. Dad retaliating as he riles up the kids and they ransack the place.

#4. Poor Boo left to fend for herself in corners and under furniture, scavenging for long-forgotten bits of snacks grown fuzzy and moldy in the shag rug.


Amanda Buhler said...

she's crawling so cute!! love the pic with the pumpkins, yes every wekd my house gets trashed, I need to stop cleaning on Fridays and do it just on mondays. hilarious, sorry about your "fire" hope dinner was yum.

The Johnsons said...

Shaun and I have a lot in common. This is how I parent when Mel is away.