Thursday, June 25, 2009

Duct Tape Use #317

I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd quickly share a little gem with you all, courtesy of my Auntie Norma who faithfully sends me cringe-worthy spam mail:

Proof that duct tape really is a quick-fix for any situation!

I might as well keep on going since I do not hear screaming children, loud crashes, the fire alarm, etc. I can personally attest to the fact that the internet is a complete waste of time (case in point, you are reading my duct-tape post.) A few weeks ago Shaun was out of town and I had big plans to muck out kitchen cupboards, bathroom closets, drawers, etc. Instead, I spent one whole night pouring over photos from fashion week on Yahoo. Now, I'm no fashionista, but if this is fashion I'm a flying pig. Can we just call it "art" and agree to disagree?

Really? Plastic crab and all?

An "eco-friendly" outfit that's so
extreme Al Gore would love it!
Come on people, do you really want to recycle
your old shower hose and use it as a skirt?

I'm sorry, but if I saw a man skipping
down the street in this plume,
there would be only one explanation: GAY

I don't even think ultimate star wars fans would go this far. . . .

Imagine getting on the metro in this bad boy:

Come on lady, put some clothes on.
You are not a beetle.

I have no words. . . .

And finally, this one takes the cake.
Where do I start?
Hair? Collar? Goldfish woobies (as Sophie would say)?

I think I'll stick with Target and Old Navy. This designer stuff is way too "out there" for me.

I am hearing cupboards repeatedly slam shut. This is my cue to stop wasting my time online and go monitor my children. OK BYE!

Quick update: my children were using my prized bath and body handsoaps, shipped from the states, to "wash" toys, bedding, walls, and furniture. It pays to get off the computer and spend time with your children--anything to halt their little creative ideas that are big NO NO's!

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