Friday, May 1, 2009

The Sneakiest Bandits of the East

Sure, they may look like the sweetest siblings ever, but in the silence of the day while mommy and daddy are away, they are the naughtiest of bandits. This morning Shaun was caught up in sharing his latest discoveries on swine flu (or should I say "new flu"?) Since I tune in and out of these political rantings anyways, I noticed that it was awfully silent in the house. Hmmmmm. Then I heard Dooby gagging and immediately went to find him leaving Shaun in mid-sentence explaining some Obama analogy of a horse and the barn door. . . . And what, you may ask, did I find? A Dooby dribbling in chocolate, gagging because he had overloaded his mouth with forbidden goodness, and sweet Sophie surrounded by pieces of tinfoil demurely licking the evidence from her fingers. Apparently Dooby used his stool exploration skills to locate the case of Toblerones Shaun purchased for the women in our ward for Mothers Day. EUREKA!!! He then enlisted the help of his sister and her deft scissor skills to procure the treasure from it's "childproof" confinement, and the rest is history.

Shaun interrogated them afterwards, asking why they hadn't asked first if they could eat the chocolate, and Sophie stated emphatically, "I did, I asked Casper the Friendly Ghost and he said we could!!" Dooby has walked around all morning singing a little diddy from his "Backyardigans" show ---"We know. . .what . . .we . .. want. . .. We know. . . what . . . .we . . . .don't. . . .want, so give us. .. .what we want!"

Sadie is 3 months now, time is flying! She is our little spittle bug, slurping in a sea of froth. Her latest achievements include blowing spit bubbles, giggling, fake-crying, and reaching for objects. She is at the stage where we think "aaahh yes, THIS is why we had another baby!" She's the sweetest thing ever!

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the andersons said...

this post made me laugh soooo hard! your kids are too cute!

Tiffany said...

Sadie is getting so big! Cute kids!