Sunday, May 3, 2009

Love at Home. . . .

Today Dooby had a colossal tantrum right during "crunch time"--the time where we frantically pack the diaper bag, shove shoes on feet, slick down hair, and run out the door for church 10 minutes later than we should have. He wanted to wear his inflatable crab pool floaty over his slacks, but obviously that was not going to happen so he cried, screamed, threatened that he didn't love us, and screamed some more. This continued down the elevator and in the garage as we were trying to load all 3 kids into the 3 carseats stuffed in the back of our Honda Civic. Before Shaun lost it and painted Dooby's back porch red, he offered up a quick prayer. . . ."Heavenly Father, please don't let me turn into the guy from The Shining." It worked! We laughed all the way to church.

Heeerrree's SHAUNY!

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