Monday, May 25, 2009

Shreddin' Buddies

I've become an avid fan of "The Biggest Loser" and decided to get shredded with Jillian--it's time for the baby fat to GET LOST! I don't want to wait all year. I have my very own workout crew, as you can see. Every morning the kids and I "exercise." This involves Sophie dressing up to the nines in her '80's "hooked on aerobics" outfit, Dooby finding the perfect Richard Simmons headband, and fights between the two over over jump ropes, headbands, weights, etc. I usually end up sending them to time-out and take those few minutes of peace and quiet to get my G-A-M-E on! Sadie is happy cheering me on from her chair. So I've finished 10 days of Level 1 and just did Level 2 today. Was it rough? Let's just say I was blowing drops of sweat across the room every time I exhaled. Sophie told me that my face looked like a shiny cherry when I was done. It's not pretty, but I'm stronger than my husband and he can't stand it! He decided to try and shred the other day and cried like a baby for 2 days afterward. I think that was enough to light his fire. He'll be joining me regularly. . . . . . as soon as he can move again.

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