Sunday, September 21, 2008


Sophie came home from primary today with a list of her talents. Apparently, she's super talented at being a princess! At church the primary chorister made a comment to me about the random sayings that come out of Soph's mouth and how fun they are. As Shaun and I sat having a conversation with Sophie during quiet time this afternoon, we noted several "Sophie-isms" that needed to be jotted down:

1. "Daddy, you have rat-breath...., but I still love you!"
2. "I am going to have a girl named princess-ribbon-diamond, and a boy named John Jr."
3. "When I grow up, I want to be a butterfly, not a moth, because butterflies live in the summer and are beautifuller."
4. "'Yeddie' is Spanish for a kid that lives in an igloo." Maybe random, maybe true. We'll have to consult Dora on that one.

Our enlightenment period with Sophie came to an end this afternoon as Shaun slipped into a lazy slumber on her bed. All of us can identify the signs of "Dad nap," where Dads pretend like they're playing with the kids when in actuality the kids are climbing all over them while they sleep. (I have a picture from my youth of my Dad taking the classic "Dad nap", passed out belly down on the floor, with all manner of hair clips adorning his head--maybe spit-glued because I don't think he had much hair-- and a tail of ribbons streaming down his legs.) Getting back to present day, these moments of comatose-husband bring me great pleasure and this afternoon I took the opportunity to train my young padowan learner in the ways of Daddy torture. Sophie's favorite technique involved her toy snake's forked tongue and Shaun's nostrils. She is a fast learner, and will one day surpass me in the methods of man-torture.

Sophie sure loves her Daddy and looks forward to the weekends with him. When Shaun got home from Beijing they were inseparable. Sophie would not let me near him and used her "magic" to turn me into a frog, never to kiss the prince again. She has marked her territory! Atleast she was gracious enough to tell me I could have Doobie. . . . .the diplomacy of a true princess.

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the andersons said...

It's good to hear what you guys are up to.. how are you feeling? i'm glad shaun is back. hope all is well!