Thursday, October 4, 2007

Creepy Crawlies

Tonight Lucas entertained himself through dinner by throwing most of his food on the floor. Being accustomed to this, we just ignored it knowing that we'd tackle it later after the kids were in bed. An hour later we found more than we bargained for. Right there in the blazing light, not caring about the noise of approaching humans or even the looming broom over it's body, was a nasty cockroach the size of our pinky finger, feasting on meatloaf and carrots. His impending death was evidently worth the last few sucks of succulent meat. Like a true man, Shaun handled the situation smoothly with pure brute force. We have been shocked into reality. For the past month we've believed that our home was a safe haven from such creepy crawlies, seeing them on sidewalks, in bakeries, and even on a restaurant highchair, but never ever in the home. That security is shattered, especially as we know that where there is one, there are many. So now we wonder, where are the many? Do they come out at night to feast on the tender organic material of our babies' eyelashes and eyebrows? (true, we saw it on the Discovery channel.) Do they scurry over the food in our cupboards, leaving droppings and disease in their wake? It's almost too much to handle. There's only one word to describe it: FORMICATION. Look it up!

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