Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today was a Fairytale. . . . .

The Fairy Godmother, in the form of a 20-something year old Chinese mover, magically appeared just in time to help Shaun dress for the Ball!  Luckily his tuxedo was unearthed from a box, sent to the cleaners with strict orders for a speedy return, and picked up with just a day to spare. Our big Marine Ball event was held mid-November, hosted by the Marines from our Consulate here in Chengdu and they didn't disappoint!

It's always fun to go to a formal with your husband, because you get to dress up pretty, you're not a nervous, sweaty, awkward teenager anymore, and you pretty much know you will score at the end of the night.

I was lucky to order a dress online and have it fit perfectly!  I just needed to cover my "ample" cleavage the low-cut neckline.  A little tailor shop down the street did a great job adding an insert that went well with the dress--a little sequin action for Shaun and I was good to go!


It was a night to remember.  We both had a great time, made possible by yummy food including a Haagen Dazs ice cream bar, and Shaun's skillz on the dance floor.  He didn't hold nothin' back and he wasn't even drunk!  Good clean fun!  Thanks for the lovely evening my Prince. MWAH!


ej said...

Lori, that dress looked gorgeous on you! You are one hot mama, and you and Shaun make quite the dashing couple.
These balls always look fun but the picture with the Marines gets me every time. It's like you and Shaun are having this moment... and then there are like 8 other guys awkwardly milling about (at attention) nearby. Love it.

Nicole said...

You two are so cute! You look absolutely stunning, Lori!! So gorgeous.