Sunday, March 4, 2012


Moving to Chengdu was hard. Living here without our stuff for 3 months was infinitely harder. So how did we fill our days? Wouldn't you all like to know? Here goes!
What to do when your home is empty, according to the Hedquists:

1. Get out and explore!

The beautiful Bamboo Garden Park

The Chengdu Panda Base--we've already been twice and love love love it. More on this later!
A quaint "old" Chengdu street
The Peep's Park

2. Get crafty with the only things you've got: white paper and scissors

3. Play outside on the compound playground! And Hallelujah for that.

Boo and her BFF Julia, along with their shared ayi (auntie) Huang Yin

4. Play dress-up: Queen Boo and her minions

5. Read! Read! Read! (Like Mother, Like Daughter)

6. My personal favorite, take a snuggly nap

7. And last, but certainly not least, sing at the top of your lungs to take advantage of that echo!

We may need Grandma Hedquist to give us a few singing pointers this summer :)

*Not working? Unlike Kip, I DON'T love technology, and I may or may not know how to embed a video. That plus the internet keeps disconnecting along with my VPN right in the middle of the dang download. This is a labor of love for sure. I hope you appreciate it.

And now, if you're still interested after all that, click on this
link to view video.


Jen Reil said...

When I was watching the video, Gavin came running over and said, "What's that crazy song?" We were both quite entertained with your darling girls!

Julie said...

Actually, I am impressed because you DID embed the video! At least the embedded one worked for me; the one on youtube did not--and it was kind of creepy how there were all these videos on the sidebar of "Joey's first deer when he was three". Who takes their child hunting to kill bambi at three??
Anyway, as for your little singers--you should encourage them to study hard in school. :)

ej said...

Suddenly "Doe a Deer" sounds suspiciously like the song that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends... My favorite was when Sadie started in too. Love it.
You need to frame the pic of Sadie sleeping on you. Cute.

Nicole said...

At least there is SOME beauty in Chengdu; the bamboo grove is gorgeous! And those pandas make my heart ache! I want to see them SO bad. Go see them at least a million more times for me! Also, coolest Starbucks I've ever seen. Loved Sophie's singing--too funny!