Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sophie Sentiments

The other day I was helping Sophie clean off the desk in her room, a "happy place" where she spends most of her free time doing crafts (i.e. taping everything to everything), writing notes to Mommy and Daddy, and coloring.  I found these fun little treasures:

A Valentines necklace for Dooby:  
"Love is Troo"
A Post-it note stuck to her copy of the Friend:
"I Can Foluw Cmandmis"
And, a picture decorating her craft box:
"I Love God Bee Kus I Go To Chrch"

What a sweet girl!  Love our little Soph!

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Liz said...

Hi, Guys,
Fun to read Sophie's notes. So sweet! Does she have the book "A Hole is to Dig"? Her comments remind me of that book. She would understand it perfectly. Are you able to watch the Olympics? Has Sophie seen the skating? We're watching it tonight.
Love, Mom and Dad