Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year I would love:

Boo--my two front teeth
Sophie--Another Barbie that will eventually end up with ratty hair, naked in the bottom of my doll box
Dooby--A robot (he also wants to be a robot when he grows up. . . .)

I overheard Sophie lecturing Dooby, in his excitement over Santa, that it was "better to give then to get." She proceeded to tell him that Santa was just "kid stuff," and that she was too old for Santa. All of her Asian classmates, who don't celebrate Christmas, have told her that Santa is not real. Those little party-poopers. Sophie's definitely been influenced by this culture as evidenced by her pictures of late, signed with the phrase "Miry Crismus and I wish you luk." The Chinese are all about luck. It's sad to lose the magic so young, but at least when she was in the actual moment with Santa it was all still very real and exciting.

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Gustogirl said...

She is young to not believe. I have contemplated sitting down with my 8 year old and having a talk with her so she won't ruin it for her younger brothers. She has started to ask quite often if Santa Claus is real.