Sunday, August 9, 2009

Road Trip!

Last month we took a road trip down to the middle of the island to visit the National History and Science Museum. The draw of the robotic dinosaurs was pulsing like a drum through Sophie's entire being so we finally gave in and decided to just drive on down. Sounded easy enough. The museum was great fun!

We saw dinosaurs in their natural environments,

found the missing link in the evolutionary chain,

fulfilled our little "ancient Egypt expert's" dream of meeting a real mummy (by the way, she has abandoned all desire to be involved with mummies, wonder why?)

and went on an African safari

It was a success! Not hard at all with 3, even with baby love! I kept thinking, "why don't we get out more often?" but then. . . . .

Sure, go ahead and laugh, revel in our misery, but I'm not even going to crack a smile for at least a year. . . .oh the trauma! I think we'll stick to our own little neighborhood from now on.


The Thorley Family said...

So close and yet so far... it's at times like those that Andrew always suggests we have a few more, just for fun :)

Nicole said...

I'm sorry, but that IS pretty funny. Thanks for giving the rest of us a good laugh, even though it was miserable for you. I especially love Sean's unenthusiastic commentary. But it gets me wondering... so why didn't you still want to go to dinner that night? I just don't understand. :)

Gustogirl said...

I did not need to see that. We are taking our first road trip in 5 years this weekend and I am praying that it doesn't end like that! At least the museum was fun!

Marchant Family said...

Love it and I keep thinking of your movie (christian played it a week ago when I was in the room) whenever two of my kids are melting down. I look at the third as if to say - want to join in? Oh the joy!