Thursday, July 2, 2009

HOT Times, Summer in the City

You know it's hot when I'm wandering around outside at 11 p.m. and I'm sweating! Man! We long for those cold Michigan winters right about now. Our venue of choice each weekend is the AIT pool up on the mountain. We are usually the only ones there and we have our own little routine which involves snacks from 7-11, lots of drinks, insect nets, and a gallon of suncreen. Shaun throws the kids around the pool for a while, then we snack, catch bugs and lizards with our insect nets, study tropical flowers, swim some more, and wait for Boo to tell us it's time to go home. We can't go on vacation like every other family has in our building, but atleast we can do something to pass away the summer. . . .

view of our "neighborhood" from the mountain top

tropical baby love
the summer of shaun
goin' for a ride

like mother like daughter. . . .

getting all cheesy and messy
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Tiffany said...

These are cute pictures! lol I especially like the funny poses Shawn is making by the flotation Lizard.

Kay said...

just want to say, we love our weekly adventure to the AIT pool too! thanks for inviting us.

Mimi said...

Hi guys!

Glad to see you are having a fun summer, despite the heat!! Cute pictures of everyone too!