Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Shauny-baby had his creative juices flowing this weekend and composed a special poem for me on Mother's Day!

Dear Mom,

We make you cry

You feel like you might die

Yet you still make us apple pie

We make you weep

You don’t get much sleep

Yet you clean up Doobie’s peep

Messes on the ground

Loud noises all around

Yet you always can be found

We’ve driven you to your wits end

You cook, bake, patch and mend

Yet you are our bestest friend

Nothing seems to get done

The kids have you on the run

Yet you still find ways to make it fun

Dirty clothing in a pile

‘Wooba’ flowing like the Nile

Yet you do it all in style

With cracking feet

You walk a well-worn beat

Yet you never admit self defeat

In college I had no plan

I became your “China man”

Yet you’re my greatest fan

With no time to blink

Sophie’s clothed in five shades of pink

Yet you are the strongest link

Shooting pains and aching head

You’d like to paint Luke’s back-porch red

Yet you somehow see that he is fed

I speak for little Sadie-Boo

And children one and two

When I say that we love you

Happy Mother's Day 2009!

With all our love

Dad, Sophie, Lucas and Sadie

After the toaster incident Shaun goes and does something like this. . . .and TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF! I was treated to a yummy breakfast with fresh fruit, eggs and ham, and mmmm--a chocolate-filled croissant. Sophie made me some fun flowers and a card that I will save for always, and I got a delicious-smelling Crabtree and Evelyn gift basket with all sorts of goodies inside, including a massage gift certificate. Yea! Shaun scored big points for the day.

The kids were all dressed super cute for church. Look at my little Boo, don't you just want to eat her???
It was fun to see Sophie waving at me from the stand in church as the primary sang a special musical number :)
I am blessed to be a mother! I love days like this. . . .
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The Thorley Family said...

beautiful... I love how Shaun captured the true face of motherhood :)