Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Bald Biting Man

Yesterday I was talking to Shaun when he divulged that he has a spa in his hotel. Taking full advantage of this little perk, he had gotten a foot massage the first day he was there. This triggered the memory of a recent dream I'd had:

Sophie and I were wandering down the alleyways of some strange foreign land looking for Shaun. We came to a hotel and knew Shaun was inside, but couldn't find him as we ran down the hallways. There was imminent danger behind us, an urgency that we find Shaun in time so he could save me from the Bald Biting Man. I finally spotted Shaun behind a glass door, wrapped in a white robe and getting a massage. I called to him, screaming that I was about to be attacked, but he didn't respond. He just laid there groaning and moaning as the masseuse worked his back. At last the Bald Biting Man was upon me, gnawing up and down my arm with fury. I finally managed to fend him off and get inside the room with Shaun. I was angry and asked him why he didn't come to my rescue. He replied that his body was jello and he was just too comfortable and zoned out to move.

You don't have to be Freud to figure out this dream, given our family's current situation. Shaun is out of town for a month, enjoying his travels, and I am here alone in Taiwan with the kids. Shaun replied that he totally understood the dream, all but one thing: who was the Bald Biting Man??? Without hesitation, I replied "Dooby."

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