Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Dear Dad

With all of the silly things I say about Shaun on my blog, I thought I should take a minute to pay him homage post-fathers day. We're so glad that he's our Dad!

We had a nice celebration for Shaun on father's day. The absolute best thing was that both kids fell asleep on the way home from church and stayed asleep when we put them in their beds. This rare Sunday nap opportunity was like pure gold. As Shaun drew the curtains and climbed under the covers (as he does on many Sundays until the kids climb on him and he is dragged from bed) he stated that there could be no better present. We both drifted away into a luxurious mid-afternoon sleep, until suddenly "I DID IT!" and again, "I DID IT!" "I DID IT!" This statement penetrated our dreams and forced us from our sleep as we realized it was Sophie, on the toilet, yelling for us. This is her version of Shaun's childhood phrase "COME WIPE ME!" And just to prove what a good Dad Shaun is, he was the one who got up to help Sophie. He's such a good dolly and I don't think there's any other dad who plays with his kids more than Shaun. I went out this morning for a dr's appointment and when I came home the house was a complete mess, Sophie was wearing her wet swimsuit from yesterday with angel wings and had not yet had breakfast. I commented that if Shaun was a teenage girl babysitting our kids, he would get the minimal pay for his work. He replied that he is free, so I guess I have no complaints with that. He's a power player! We love our Dad!

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