Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Should Barney be Banished???

The most frequently-stated words in Dooby's little vocabulary are "I want Barney." I'm sick of Barney, so this morning I banished him. I've been wondering lately--how much TV is too much for little toddlets? Obviously from the picture my children morph into complete TV zombies when it's on. All parents face the "TV babysitter" dilemma when they need to get things done. Today I decided enough is enough, and felt really good about my decision until I watched chaos explode before my eyes. If I had let the TV babysit Dooby this morning while I was trying to get ready to head out the door, he wouldn't have pulled down all the towels in our bathroom, pulled feet of "foilet" paper off the roll, played with the off-limits plunger, put little decorative rocks in the toilet, thrown clothes from my drawer all over the floor, or gotten soaked in the shower when he turned the spray on himself full-blast. I'm thinking Barney is not so bad after all.


April said...

First of all, I was so glad to get your email this morning and even more happy to find you have a blog...the world just shrunk!!

I always use the TV while I'm getting ready. It's either their minds or mine...I guess I'd rather have them lose their minds for 1/2 hour than lose mine completely. Ah, toddlerhood.

The Thorley Family said...

Thank you! I think the old fogeys who have told us we're bad moms for using the TV this way need to live our lives for a few days