Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

We've spent the past 3 weeks holed up in the apartment due to incessant rain, so when Shaun got Monday off for President's Day and the drizzle died down, we high-tailed it to the zoo. It was overcast and wet, but we were grateful just to be out! We didn't do much--took a small train ride, visited the elephants--because Dooby knows how to say elephant and asked for it over and over and over. . . , watched monkeys pick on each other (reminiscent of Shaun's family), and went through the insect zoo. Sophie is completely fascinated with insects and was in heaven when Shaun bought her some plastic bugs to take home. Like father (and mother!), like daughter. Dooby stayed happy trying to touch butterflies in the aviary, and later had a blast eating lunch and feeding the birds. Check out the video!

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