Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

Every day we see evidences that there are not just physical, but behavioral differences that distinguish boys from girls. For example, last week when Sophie threw up, she immediately backed away from it and would not go near it. The sight and smell of it offended her. Last week when Lucas threw up, he searched through it for his cookie pieces, gathered them up, slime and all, and popped them back in his mouth. Lucas also has an uncanny ability to sense when food is near. Whenever I head into the kitchen to start preparing a meal, he runs in to stand on my feet, trying to wedge himself between me and the counter, and whines for food. Not a wimpy little whine, but a demanding screechy whine that doesn't stop until there's a morsel in his mouth. Lucas also has an obsession with the garbage can. I don't know if it's the flip-up lid, or the actual garbage, but he loves it so. We had to remove it to another room off the kitchen and lock the door so he can't get in it. So my train of thought leads me to believe that boys are not like girls at all, they're like dogs. Or, if that's too vast a generalization, I'll specify by saying Lucas is just like my Grandma Pulsipher's dogs: he eats his own vomit, follows his "owner" around whining constantly for food, and raids the garbage can at any opportunity.

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Auntie Normie said...

haha Lori, do you remember when Shaun kicked my beagle when it kept getting into the trash? What does he do to your toddler type guy? :-)